The Benefits of Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software

Imagine a world where automation and cloud technology didn’t exist – a world where everything had to be processed manually. Think how long it would require to communicate with fellow workers and clients without email, or having to write down every individual transaction by hand as a shop owner.

Without software to automate laborious tasks, everything would slow to a stop. Despite this, a substantial number of businesses still fail to automate and fix outdated processes that, if they were to execute so, would save valuable time and cut down the number of costly business errors caused by manual data entering. If so, you are losing out on some great benefits associated with utilizing a cloud-based inventory solution like Goods Order Inventory Management (GOIS).

Perhaps now is the time to migrate, and it’s not as painful as you might imagine. Here are the benefits of a cloud based inventory management software

  1. Real-Time Visibility
    Accurate, simple stock control is one of the biggest benefits of cloud-based inventory management systems. With this software, you can access your inventory numbers in real-time. And there’s no need to manually source or collate reports since they all feed into a central database.User-friendly dashboards make it comfortable to take a snapshot of the job at any applied time. Addition, with tools like QR tracking, you can proactively measure inventory as it moves through various departments. With greater automation, errors are significantly cut down. And fewer errors mean fewer costs incurred.
  1. Batch Sales and Inventory Data Together in Real Time
    Cloud based inventory software solution like Goods Order Inventory Management (GOIS) are able to batch sales data and inventory data together. It could be performed simultaneously and continuously, across every channel and with compatibility with several top accounting solutions and payment processors.Your current software may be lacking in those capabilities, or perhaps error prone as a result of being outdated.Cloud inventory software relays real-time operations such as the dispatch of goods to customers, order execution, sales, returns etc. as they happen.If you have several shops, you can take in all the data from your stores synced and transmitted to you on single platform without needing human interference. If you have various websites or sell on multiple channels like eBay, Amazon, and so on – you can synch them through cloud inventory software.
  1. Integration
    Many software platforms like the examples above integrate with other cloud-based apps – examples include XeroShopify and Magento as well as many others. Integrating inventory management with your accounting software takes away the time-consuming need for double data entry. And with your inventory system and an eCommerce store automatically working in sync, your online customers are less probable to be let down by a surprise stock-out.
  1. Scalability without Hardware Requirements
    Because cloud based software does not rely on your hardware infrastructure, it is easily and cost-efficiently scalable. As your business grows there is no need for you to purchase more equipment or upgrade your software to handle the extra capacity.This is performed for you by the cloud service provider. On your part, scaling up can be accomplished by signing up for additional features or users with the click of a button. Your cloud service provider deals with the additional resources e.g. Memory, storage, network etc. to perform at your desired level.
  1. Leverage Provider Support for Initial Setup
    Although cloud based inventory software requires initial data and system integrations with your business, you often get the assistance of the service provider. As a consequence, businesses can avoid heavy investments and monetary values in IT infrastructure by utilising this option.
  • Access from Anywhere in the World
    Cloud based inventory management software solutions like Goods Order Inventory Management (GOIS) can be accessed from anywhere, on a wide variety of devices, through an internet connection. Compared to in-house systems, this provides a business with unique benefits such as:

      • Allows specific employees of one store in one area to access or update inventory data of another store in a different region in real-time from their devices. This eliminates manual data transmission delays that would have otherwise happened if in-house server systems are utilized in the different stores.
      • Allows the owner to monitor all inventory operations from any device and location, and make strategic decisions accordingly.


    Whether you’re a multi-location business or even a solopreneur, cloud based inventory software like DEAR can help you streamline your costs, expand your business and, overall, improve your service.

    Learn more benefits of cloud-based inventory management software.

    As you can see, there are many advantages to using cloud-based inventory management software, whether you are a solopreneur or a multi-location business.

    To learn more about how cloud-based inventory software makes your business easier to manage, click here, or sign up for your FREE 14-day trial today!

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