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Hospitality industry is one of the most largest and broadest in the world. As the most important aspect of this Industry is that it focuses totally on customer satisfaction and relies on customers’ being happy.

Hotels, they are the most important sector of Hospitality industry. Hotels, needs to provide an excellent level of service to their customers else they never will return to them. So to keep a customer happy is always a solemn aim of Hotel. But, what should Hotels required to keep their customers satisfied and happy?

Actually they required to focus on products, services and a system that enhances the guest experience. But how should they do that?

Well there are several ways for Hotels to keep focus on such things but we are here focussing on one important aspect which is “Inventory Management”.

How Inventory Management is helping Hotels? Let’s have a look here:

Inventory Management is always hidden behind the glamour of hotel. Inventory Management in a Hotel should be able to automate their systems including the process of tracking rooms, estimated consumption of food products, low stock reminder, vendor management, customer information management, direct purchase and sales option, stock management, tracking of lost or stolen stocks, data of taxes that might be ignored, reports generation and barcode scanning option. By automating the inventory, hotels will not only be able to satisfy their customers but also access business intelligence, plan their expenditures and keep the profits maximised.

These are the most required aspect of an Inventory Management for a hotel. And these aspects are fulfilled by one most leading Inventory Management system named Goods Order Inventory Management System Pro (GOIS Pro).

GOIS Pro is a cloud based Inventory management tool which works on most of the available platforms today. Unsurpassable features of GOIS Pro which overcomes such inventory problems of Hotels are:

  • GOIS Pro by enabling accuracy to check the availability like how many rooms are available and how many of them have been allocated to customers. By automating room allotment process, hotel will never require to keep the manual or paper records which will provide quick services to the customers.
  • GOIS Pro keeps the record of how much stock have been consumed and how much is remaining under the inventory. It provides various stock tracking features as multiple warehouse tracking, stock listing report to check availability across various locations under a given business unit, stock activity tracking, stock availability, booked stock, reorder level, all transaction report and many more which provides you the real-time data of your inventory. This also helps an organisation to control the money outflow on overrated or extra stocks.
  • If any Hotel get low on the stocks, how can they fulfil their customer requirements, that’s where GOIS Pro comes into picture which provides a unique feature called Low Stock Report. Low stock items can be seen on simple and user friendly dashboard so Business Owner or any GOIS user can see it and simply identify the low quantity and fulfil it to make its sufficiency.
  • All Hotels deals with vendors or suppliers to purchase and fulfil their stocks. But GOIS Pro facilitates Vendor Management module within itself which not only helps to choose a good vendor but also able to track delivery time, accuracy of delivery and cost effectiveness.
  • By providing Customer Management module, GOIS Pro is helping to track regular or recurring customers. Managers can easily identify customer demand by referring historical information into the system and be able to fulfil them which ultimately delivers customer satisfaction.
  • Purchase and sales order module within GOIS Pro is helping hotels to quickly punch sales and purchase order which leads to cost and time saving. Moreover calculations for discounts & taxes against a purchase or sale can be kept into the system easily.
  • GOIS Pro stock, warehouse or inventory management not only let hotels to keep accuracy over available stocks but also let warehouse managers to keep an eye over the stolen or damaged stocks which is proving as a lifesaving boat to owners.
  • Hotels have another major issue related to the manual entry of their stocks. But GOIS Pro is featured with barcode scanning using rear camera. This scanning feature will allow you to automate stock entry over traditional manual entry systems.
  • GOIS pro is also available over the mobile devices with real-time synchronization so it doesn’t require business managers to always be in front of their desktops or to carry laptops to track the user’s activities.

Since the aptness to handle or manage adequately in the world is most required for the success in any industry which has now been fulfilled by the latest inventory technology called GOIS Pro. It is helping and caring almost all the industries.

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