5 Ways in Which Stores Can Use GOIS Pro for Inventory Control of Perishable Goods

GOIS Pro is a very useful application with an uncomplicated interface which has been designed to match the ergonomics of a web as well as a mobile application. The app has all the requisite functionalities for optimizing inventory management in retail segment where inventory gets circulated at a faster pace and demand and supply equations may vary. For grocery stores, flower, fruit and vegetable vendors, who deal in perishable goods with limited shelf life tracking the inventory status is an on-going activity and the use of mobile apps for inventory management eases the process. We discuss 5 ways in which stores can use GOIS Pro for inventory control of perishable goods


Web and Mobile App 

GOIS Pro is offered as a web and mobile application which means that all the data can be stored directly to the server via the GOIS Pro web application as well as a mobile application. This ensures that the store owner need not log onto their inventory management software from their desktops every time they need some information. They may perform all the inventory data recording and viewing from their smartphones or tablets just as easily. Also, all the information stored using the handheld device can be easily accessed when they sit down to assess inventory reports on their desktop. This is an essential characteristic for monitoring inventory which is key to successfully managing perishable goods with minimum wastage. 


Defining Products

GOIS Pro allows the user to define products in different categories, using different measures and currencies. Products can be added under separate categories and one can add tags such as free products, discounted products and also set discounts and taxes. You can use the barcode scanning feature built into the app that uses the device camera as a barcode scanner to get all the product details by simply scanning the product. As soon as product details are recorded, they will get updated in the central database and the data will be reflected on all devices thereafter. You can define and view manufacturing and expiry dates in a single click and plan fresh inventory orders accordingly.


Manage Purchase and Sales Order

Users can create and track purchase and sales orders. As soon as the sales order has been sent to the vendor, the order can be tracked at every stage of delivery. The same can be done in case of the purchase order as well. One can also define the shipment type as pickup or delivery and the address will be automatically displayed once the details have been given at a single click. This is essential for planning the movement of perishable products so that they reach their destination with enough window to beat the expiry date.


Vendor Management 

The business may have single or multiple vendors although it is advisable to be connected with more than one vendor at any given time for the following reasons – 

•Single vendor may not have all the products stocked by the store

•A vendor may stock outs due to additional demand

•Another vendor may offer a better deal 

GOIS Pro can be used to store all the vendor details in a single database with options to categorize each vendor and adding a brief description about them. One can also email detailed inventory list to the vendor directly from the app itself and create a tracker to view inventory movement. This is a good option for maintaining the right levels of perishable stocks and managing demand with minimum wastage. 


Advanced Filters and Sorting 

The advanced filters and sorting option allows users to easily access relevant data so that they can take quick decisions on their next move. This is an essential feature where perishable goods are concerned since you can neither overstock to create a buffer nor understock for security as both the ends have their repercussions. This is an essential feature in the case of perishable goods as, if the product is not disposed within the defined time span, then it might near expiry date and will have to be sold at a discounted rate. If it gets older then it will simply have to be thrown away and in both cases this will lead to economic waste. 

Inventory management for perishable products is all about maintaining a fine balance between demand and supply. This is easily achieved if one is equipped with the right tools and GOIS Pro is the perfect companion for such operations.

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