5 Ways Why GOIS Pro is a useful Warehouse Inventory Management System

GOIS Pro is an ultimate solution to all types of warehouse data inventory needs. If you are running a small or medium scale warehouse, it is compulsory that your inventory management software should be accurate and specific so that you may run your business profits. It is important that you keep an eye on the sales and purchase orders. With GOIS Pro, you can track all the current ongoings in your warehouse. GOIS Pro also features multi-user support, where up to 25 users can together control inventory management. Also, it can be accessed on various platforms and devices like Macintosh, Linux, Windows PC & laptops, Android Smartphones & tablets, Apple iPhone & iPad.

Here, We discuss 5 Ways Why GOIS Pro is a useful Warehouse Inventory Management System:

# 1

Tracking Stock, Purchase & Sales Order

GOIS Pro is a useful inventory management application which enables its  users to track the current stock status, initiated purchase orders and in-transit sales. This gives the user an idea about his business developments. This also ensures that the warehouse doesn’t posses extra stock. GOIS Pro offers real time inventory recording support, which can be done any time from any part of the sphere. The user can record data from his/her smartphone or tablet too. S/He doesn’t have to sit on a computer or laptop for inputting inventory records.

# 2

Multiuser Support

GOIS Pro is a multiuser compatible inventory management application, which means that up to 25 users can together control this inventory management software from multiple locations. It acts as a platform, where all users connect with the latest ongoing works of a warehouse. This feature is beneficial for those business setups, which own warehouse in more than one location. A warehouse manager of any particular location can get to know about the stocks of another warehouse located in another location. Thanks to GOIS Pro for this ease.

# 3

Bar Code Scanning

GOIS Pro is the best inventory management software which also features a bar code scanning support. A user can assign a unique bar code to every product kept in the warehouse for future reference. This aids in categorizing the product in terms of its seller’s name, date of purchase, billing details and more. Later, all this information can be viewed by simply scanning the unique bar code. For scanning purpose, a user merely has to use his/her Smartphone’s camera and nothing additional device.

# 4

Database Management

GOIS Pro is also an advanced database management application which can store the contact details of all your suppliers, vendors and buyers. If your business setup deals with more than one vendor, you can enter their contact details which can be viewed by any user at any span of time. The details recorded can also be viewed offline, when you are out of your work premises.

# 5

Storage Capability

GOIS Pro works on cloud computing. This means you can store your inventories on the cloud which can be viewed or managed from any part of the earth. All you need to do is access GOIS Pro on any compatible device with a network connection. GOIS Pro offers up to 500MB of cloud storage memory which can be used for recording your warehouse inventories.

GOIS Pro boasts many other features which makes it the best online data inventory management software. It has all the capabilities to make your data inventory management a uncomplicated task. Its biggest advantage is that it can accessed on your Smartphones, which lets you work easily on the go.


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