5 Ways why GOIS Pro is the best Inventory Software for clothes retailer

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Nowadays, every clothes retailer has understood the importance of an inventory system software for his/her retail showroom. It has become a necessity for every retail showroom to use an advanced inventory app, which caters the best solutions for their inventory recording needs. A complete inventory application enables its user to view, control and supervise the inventory recordings with an ease. A clothes retail showroom’s business involves working with many warehouses and suppliers. The showroom owner needs to preserve the records of stock and in-transit orders  with each and every supplier. Besides, the important data like date of purchase, vendor’s name and billing amount must be maintained in a secured way for future reference.

GOIS Pro is an advanced stock management system software which boasts dozens of useful features for all types of commercial enterprises. It is one of the best online inventory management application which can be accessed on various devices including your Smartphone and tablet. This advanced inventory application can be accessed on various platforms like Windows PCs/Laptops, Linux, Macintosh, Apple iPhone/iPads and Android Smartphones and tablets. GOIS Pro is a free inventory software  which boasts  many advanced features like Real Time Synchronization, Multi-user support, Detailed Database management, E-mail orders, Sorting & Filtering, Cloud Storage and much more.

GOIS Pro in-houses all the essential capabilities that provide the best inventory management solution for a Clothes retail showroom. The 5 useful features of GOIS Pro that can benefit your clothes retail showroom are:

# 1

Real Time Tracking

GOIS Pro features advanced Real Time Tracking tool which enables its user to keep an eye on the current stock and in-transit orders. A user can access these details any time and anywhere on his compatible device. This reduces the chances of over stock of any particular garment.

# 2

Multi-user Support

A clothes retail showroom can add up to 25 users together on GOIS Pro’s single dashboard. This is beneficial for those brands who run their retail showrooms in more than one location. The proprietors, managers or supporting staff can track and manage the inventory recordings of all the showrooms together on their compatible devices.

 # 3

Bar Code Scanning

GOIS Pro is an advanced barcode inventory application which allows its user to scan the bar codes from the smartphones or tablet’s camera also. The user can maintain the unique identity of each and every garment by assigning a unique bar code to it.

# 4

Database Management

GOIS Pro is also a complete database inventory management system software, which can record your important data including vendor’s contact details and addresses. The database can be viewed in offline mode too on a Smartphone or tablet.

# 5

Cloud storage

GOIS Pro offers up to 500MBs of storage capacity on the Cloud. The user can record his important data inventories on the Cloud and can later access it from any part of the world on a compatible device.

GOIS Pro is an advanced stock management application which can be accessed on various platforms and devices. It boasts some of the most useful features which can help you in recording inventory data.

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