GOIS-Pro: The perfect Medical Inventory Management Tool for Medical Retailers & Wholesalers

Almost all healthcare organizations, especially the ones involved in medical supply-chain functions grapple with balancing activities such as inventory availability, high inventory turns, and high order filling rate with minimum inventory shrink. The inventory woes in medical inventory management is such that most inventory control software solutions available these days are too obsolete to effectively deal with them. Fortunately, you now have an innovatively designed inventory management tool, GOIS-Pro which is perfect for the medical wholesalers and suppliers and will help you address all your key inventory issues. It is not only instrumental in reducing the overall inventory levels, but also helps in improving the supply-chain services.

GOIS-Pro is a comprehensive, economical, and low-maintenance inventory management solution intelligently designed to address the material management requirements of the healthcare supply chain enterprises. The solution will help you eliminate all the non-value-add and manual activities that are an inseparable part of common inventory management processes. To understand the usefulness of GOIS-Pro in healthcare supply-chain management better, let us take a look at the key advantages of this software:

  • Eliminates hurdles in the middle-market healthcare units: Middle-market healthcare units pose stiff ROI (Return On Investment) challenges for any inventory management system. Even for small and medium size medical retailers and wholesalers, despite the smaller size of the inventory, the complexity of functional requirements is enormous. GOIS-Pro helps in overcoming such challenges by helping the organizations to minimize their channel pricing conflicts with fewer employees. The substitution of lengthy and cumbersome manual processes with the hassle-free and fast automated processes of GOIS-Pro results in better handling of cost limitations, reduction in capital resources, and increase in the ROI.
  • Enhanced account and purchase & sales order management: GOIS-Pro offers advanced account and purchased & sales order management facility to its users, allowing them to efficiently manage their account and handle all the purchase and sales orders in a timelier manner, helping them to procure new medical stocks quickly and cater to their customer requirements better. Also, the created purchase orders can be easily sent to the concerned vendor by email or auto fax. This helps in integrating the transaction process with the trading partners & marketplaces, making the entire process a lot simpler.
  • More control over the inventory: Almost all organizations in the medical supply industry crave for a tighter control over their inventory; GOIS-Pro proves a great help in this. It offers accurate, real-time information at the fingertips. Equipped with the capability of recording and tracking the product movement, and categorizing products by their location, GOIS-Pro helps in maintaining the optimum stock levels at multiple locations. The software also centralizes the control of inventory, which helps in increasing the efficiency of the entire supply-chain process. GOIS-Pro exhibits exceptional medical inventory management features that help in removing all the fog in the inventory management process, helping the business owners and managers to get a clear view of the inventory.

Hence, GOIS-Pro establishes itself as a peerless solution that caters to all the material management and logistic needs of healthcare supply-chain organizations. The software can be easily implemented in any kind or size of organization, and is very scalable and secure.

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