How Goods Order Inventory (GOIS Pro) is helping restaurants streamline their inventory tracking?”

It is a well-known fact restaurant and food chain business is one of the most profitable and highly stable business plans across the globe. However, one should also remember that the competition in the foodservice business is also very stiff. Other than increasing competition and shrinking profits, there is one more severe challenge to this industry, which is none other than process management.

Managing a restaurant includes numerous challenges. Experienced managers know the importance of effective policies and procedure plans to ensure a smooth and interruption free day-to-day business activities. After labor, infrastructure, and food, Inventory management is the most important aspect, where foodservice businesses invest a lot of time and money.

GOIS Pro – ‘All-In-One’ Restaurant Inventory Management Software

Goods Order Inventory System Pro or GOIS Pro is an ‘all-in-one’ inventory management application, which aims towards automating your restaurant’s inventory management processes without any hassle. Added with various advanced features and inventory control tools, GOIS Pro is the most useful business automation software your restaurant business needs today!

Here are 7 ways your restaurant business can leverage GOIS Pro:

# 1
Stock Categorization

GOIS Pro allows your foodservice business to add food products in defined categories. For example, you can create two categories for food supplies; one for vegetarian and other for non-vegetarian food. Similarly, you can create a unique category for perishable food.

# 2 
Barcode Scanning

This feature allows your restaurant business to automate inventory tracking through barcode scanning support from your smartphone’s rear camera. You can assign unique bar code in the #SKU field while adding inventory record for a specific food item/product.

# 3
Inventory with Multi-location

GOIS Pro stores your restaurant’s entire inventory database on a centralized and secured server, allowing you to access the inventory records from any part of the globe. All you need is a compatible device and internet connection to track inventory stocks, irrespective of the distance between you and your restaurant. This is a very helpful feature for restaurant businesses, have outlets in more than one location.

# 4
Low Stock Notification

This feature gives you automated low stock notifications for the food products lying in your kitchen or store. This ensures that no essential food product or supplement goes out-of-stock.

# 5
Quick Sorting & Filtering

Thanks to the quick sorting and filtering option, you can easily view the current stock status and inventory record for any particular food product in the stock. You don’t have to go through the stock list manually. This feature aims to save your crucial time spent on manual tracking efforts.

# 6
Multiple Platform Compatibility

GOIS Pro is compatible with all leading hardware and software platforms. The user can access this web-based inventory management application on any Windows, Mac or Linux running PC or laptop. The user can also download the free GOIS Pro App on his/her Android smartphone/tablet or Apple iPhone and iPad

# 7
Multiple User Accessibility

The multiple user functionality added to Goods Order Inventory System Pro allows the admin to add up to 25 users together with assigning different levels of accessibility and modification rights, as per their associated roles and the business need.

Goods Order Inventory System Pro is a complete restaurant inventory management software, which can be used for all types and sizes of restaurant businesses. It doesn’t matter whether you own a big and lavish restaurant or a small fast-food chain, GOIS Pro can help all. Small food truck owners can also leverage GOIS Pro to track daily sales.


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