Inventory Management Application iPad

Inventory Management Application for Apple iPad

Inventory Management Application for Apple iPad

Need of an inventory Application:

The latest technological advancements have added much flexibility to the complex works practiced on the daily basis in our homes & work places. The advanced IT support in business houses and enterprises have smoothen the business operations. They not only minimize the chances of manual error, but also help in reducing the operational costs.

An Inventory Management Application is one such example of IT support, which lets a user to manage his inventories with an ease. Managing & recording inventories manually on papers is a tough task. Also, inventories recorded on papers are always prone to theft, loss or damage. Any organization can’t afford the loss of its confidential database. Any Inventory management system software is safer and has extended shelf life as compared to inventories on paper. The advanced tools and features of inventory software help its user to record, manage, share, edit or track inventory database without any hassle.

Inventory App on Smartphones & Tablets:

An inventory Application for Smartphones and tablets offers an advantage to its user. It enables its user to view, edit, add, share or track his/her inventory database on the go. With the rise in mobile technologies, smartphones and tablets have witnessed a major growth. The market share of mobile devices has increased and rapidly throughout the world.

If you are running an enterprise or any other marketing business, you need to travel a lot for your business works. Hence, you won’t get much time to sit on a desktop to access your inventory software. Using an inventory application on your smartphone or tablet, gives you an advantage to control your inventories directly on your mobile devices from any part of the planet.

GOIS Pro – Advanced Inventory App for your Smartphones & tablets

Goods Order Inventory System Pro or GOIS Pro is advanced inventory management software, which has been designed as a complete solution to handle the complexities of inventory management. This inventory management system can be accessed on various platforms like Macintosh, Windows and Linux. The biggest advantage using GOIS Pro as your inventory management system is that, it can be accessed as an application on Apple iPhone, iPad or Android Smartphones & tablets.

All you need to do is, install the free inventory application of GOIS Pro from the Apple iTunes or Google’s Play Store. This inventory application boasts many features, making itself one of the best free online inventory software.

The Key features of GOIS Pro are –

  • Real Time Tracking
  • Bar Code Scanning
  • Advanced sorting & Filtering
  • Multi User Support
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Secured Cloud Storage
  • Database Management
  • Email Orders
  • Stock Management
  • Currency, Theme & Time zone Settings
  • Global Access
  • Sales & Purchase Notes

There are many more brilliant features of Goods Order Inventory System Pro, which helps small and medium business enterprises to manage their inventory recordings very easily. To know more visit GOIS Pro

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