Inventory Management for Bag Retailers

Inventory Management for Bag Retailers

4 Ways to Improve Business Process for Bag Retailers with GOIS Pro Inventory Management Software

Inventory management is not a very complex affair for bag retailers. Although new designs make way into the markets, the old designs also have marginal demand. GOIS Pro can help a bag retailer not only manage multiple categories, customers and vendors, but also grow their business to capture larger market. We discuss 4 ways to improve business process for bag retailers with GOIS Pro inventory management software.


System Customization

GOIS Pro can be customized to match the needs of the business. It can be scaled up or down as per the business size and products can be defined as per the business requirement. One can create multiple categories of products, warehouses, stores, etc. Further the user can define discounts, taxes, currency, quantities, and also assign SKU# to define products and view their information on the go.   


Cloud Technology Leverage

GOIS Pro is built in the SaaS model whereby the application can be accessed by any compatible, internet-enabled device. The data is stored in a secure server once it has been entered through the GOIS Pro web or mobile application. Thus, the data is protected from loss due to fire or natural causes or theft, further; the retailer needn’t maintain servers on premise to store inventory data. Since the data can be accessed from any internet-enabled, compatible device, it is not location-specific. So, if the retailer is on a business trip, s/he can still remain connected with the daily business through their smartphones, tablets or laptops.


Managing Multiple Products and Users

GOIS Pro can be used to manage multiple products and users. It has an extensive search feature with advanced sorting and filters so that can individual or batch of products can be tracked easily. Retailers can also define multiple users for the application and assign them different levels of authorizations too. Multiple locations can also be defined with respect to inventory location.


Business Reports and Analysis

GOIS pro can be used to store vendor and customer details for reference. It offers instant access to business reports such as profit/loss, purchase/sales order, all transactions, closed sales orders and inventory and stock adjustments. The reports can be analyzed using graphs, charts and tables. The data can be easily imported or exported using a self-import feature.

GOIS Pro is a user-friendly application with a comprehensive interface and easy navigation options. It can be easily installed and setup for operations immediately. For a bag retailer these features would mean that they can concentrate better on their business and maintain optimum inventory levels through regular monitoring.

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