Inventory Management for Hotel

Inventory Management in Your Hotel

Using GOIS Pro for Inventory Management in Your Hotel

The hotel industry has the monumental task of managing accurate inventory of supplies, with the majority of the supplies being perishable commodities. With GOIS Pro you can manage your hotel supplies through an automated process which allows you to tag them with a barcode label. The system can be applied to save money, time and reduce wastage.

GOIS Pro Use

You can use the GOIS Pro web and mobile application for tracking consumable items such as-

  • Towels
  • Food & beverages
  • Sheets

It can also be used to keep tab of hotel appliances such as vacuum cleaner, computers, keys and bells.

The GOIS Pro can be easily adapted for hotels with an inventory management system in place and looking for an upgrade. The application can be used on computers and handheld devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Need for Inventory Management System in Hotel

With a proper inventory management system in place the employees need not spend time to hunt through catalogues and track down things. The best solution ensures that you always have exactly what you need on hand the moment you need it, every time. The right inventory management system is tailored to the needs of the hotel enabling them to stock only what they use and just as much as they use it. GOIS Pro has advanced functionalities to achieve this and hotels can customize the system to suit their requirements.

Functions of GOIS Pro

GOIS Pro performs the following functions-

  • Centralized Database which can be accessed from a computer of handheld devices
  • The hotel outsources the data protection tasks from loss due to fire, server breakdown or any other natural causes to GOIS Pro which hosts a centralized server with cloud access.
  • The inventory reports can be easily imported or exported for reference of staff for updating inventory
  • The app is easy to install and has a user-friendly interface which can be intuitively adopted by staff
  • You can email orders to vendors directly from the application after assessing the requirements by viewing current inventory status
  • Vendor details can be categorized and stored in association of the order you make
  • You can track order history and track and manage shipment methods
  • The app uses the smartphone, tablet or computer’s camera as a barcode scanner and inventory details can be stored in SKU# field to give it a unique identity.
  • You can add multiple users with different levels of authorizations

 Utility to Hotels

Hotels deal with diverse inventory such as sheets, towels, toiletries, detergents, cleaning agents, vegetables, fruits, grains, flours, silverware, plates etc. to just name a few. These diverse products will be sourced from different vendors and in different quantities. GOIS Pro can help maintain a balance in such a case. Also, it can be used to keep tab of furnishing and machinery and notes can be made if anything needs to be replaced or repaired.


The greatest benefit of GOIS Pro is the hotel need not maintain a central server to manage its inventory data, but upload it to a cloud-based server for secure access.

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