Inventory Management Software for Coffee Shop

Inventory Management Software for Coffee Shop

5 Ways in Which GOIS Pro Inventory Management Software Can Help You Run Your Coffee Shop

Coffee shops offer different ambience to different customers visiting the same outlet to enjoy the heavenly ambrosia. Coffee shop owners are too tied up in the morning rush hours and the afternoons are generally quiet but not empty. So, worrying over inventory control becomes an encumbrance to smooth operations. We bring you 5 Ways in Which GOIS Pro Inventory Management Software Can Help You Run Your Coffee Shop.


Range of Products

Coffee shops generally offer a range of products besides different varieties of coffee and tea. They also offer chips, muffins, brownies, bakes, some even offer merchandise such coffee mugs and tea pots. GOIS Pro allows user to categorize products and add details such as item type, expiry date, quantity and price to sort the products. Coffee shops can sort products on the basis of their life span and manage inventory accordingly.


Maintaining Inventory Levels

Since majority of the products in the coffee shop have a short shelf life and demand can fluctuate unpredictably, it is essential to maintain the correct inventory levels. Also, coffee beans are generally imported from different countries, sometimes by the coffee shop or sometimes through suppliers, in both cases, sufficient time gap must be maintained for refill. GOIS Pro comes with a barcode scanner, so you can simply use the mobile device camera to scan the product and add particulars regarding quantity and expiry date and also categorize products to measure inventory levels.


Staff Accountability

With GOIS Pro multiple user accounts can be created with different authorization levels. So, authorized member of the staff can download the GOIS Pro mobile app on their Android or iOS device and use it to record inventory status, in the store. All the data entered into the app gets updated immediately in the central server, so the current status is always available for perusal within the shop, while travelling or at home.


Inventory Records

All inventory records are stored in a centralized server and can be accessed via the cloud. The GOIS Pro server is a secure location for storing data and users are less liable to losing data and can access the records from mobile or desktop device and even generate profitability reports and plot trends and demand-supply variations. Also, the café needn’t save space for accommodating a server room or worry about maintaining it.


Vendor Management

Coffee beans are procured from different parts of the world spread across different continents, directly or through suppliers. With GOIS Pro you can store vendor details and add particulars and contact details against each vendor. Also, you can send email for fresh stock directly from the application. vendors can be categorized as per the supplies procured from them.

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