Inventory System for Vegetable Vendors

Inventory System for Vegetable Vendor

GOIS Pro Usefulness for Vegetable Vendors

Vegetable vendors deal with perishable products mostly with short shelf life and need to be on top with their inventory monitoring so that they can avoid stockouts too. Managing inventory for vegetable vendor becomes challenging since their product range is extensive and the old stock has to be cleared of before the fresh stock arrives in order to make room for it and tap into the thriving market.

Inventory Management for Vegetable Vendors

Vegetable vendors are the last point of a link followed by suppliers and farmers before the vegetables finally hit the market.  Whether it’s seasonal or perennial, the demand for some vegetables is more than others throughout the year or on some days in the year. For instance, pumpkins are much in demand in October around Halloween. The vendor has to anticipate and act upon such sudden demand or the lack of it.

GOIS Pro has been designed for SMEs and can be easily adopted by vendors as long as they are equipped with a smartphone or tablet and/or computer. It has advanced features and comes with scalability options. The application is free for download and has scalability options, so you needn’t be anxious about additional costs.

GOIS Pro Features for Better Inventory Management

  • Cloud Computing – Inventory data is stored in a secure centralized server from where it can be accessed via cloud. The advantage of cloud computing is that it uses SaaS technology to collect and dispel data. The data can be viewed on any internet enable device and acted upon quickly, reducing the response time phenomenally.
  • Mobile and Web Application – Since GOIS Pro is available as mobile and web application, real-time inventory data can be stored and accessed from anywhere using an internet enabled device.
  • Barcode Scanning – GOIS Pro uses the mobile device camera as a barcode scanner using which product details can be entered in #SKU format for easy sorting and categorization.
  • Product Labelling and categorization – GOIS Pro offers you label options for arrival and expiry date, weight, currency etc.
  • Inventory Movement and Delivery Management – GOIS Pro can be used to track inventory movement from supplier to store to customer. 

GOIS Pro is a very intuitive application and if there are more persons managing the store, they do not require much training to get a hang of its operations. This allows users to concentrate more on the important things such as customer satisfaction and sales.

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