Inventory System Pro for SMEs

5 Advantages of Goods Order Inventory System Pro for SMEs

Goods Order Inventory System Pro is an advanced, user friendly inventory application which is capable of handling complicated inventories for all types of small & medium enterprises. It is one of the best free inventory management system software, which boasts many uncomplicated features like Real Time Tracking, Bar Code Scanning, Sorting & Filtering, Mobile Accessibility, Cloud storage, Multiple currencies and time zone input, Database Management and many more. GOIS Pro can be accessed on various platforms and devices like Macintosh, Windows PC & laptops, Linux, Android Smartphone/tablets and Apple iPhone/iPad.

5 Ways why GOIS Pro Inventory Application is useful for SMEs:

# 1

Purchase & Sales order management

GOIS Pro allows its user to create, track and manage the sales and purchase orders initiated by the business firms. The user can also track the delivery status of the orders placed. If your business setup is based on multi locations, GOIS Pro can help you in tracking real-time purchase and sales transactions. This feature lets the user know about the current working status of multi-location setup on a single click.

# 2

Sorting & Filtering

GOIS Pro serves advanced filtering and sorting feature which enables a user to access any specific data at a particular time. The user can categorize the products in different sections and can view any of its details like billing amount, date or vendor’s name at once when required. This feature is helpful for those enterprises who deals with more than one vendor.

# 3

Multi User Support

GOIS Pro supports up to 25 users at once, who can control the GOIS Pro inventory management system together. It acts as a platform where managers or control staff, engaged in different locations can monitor the stock, sales or purchase reports of all the locations directly.

# 4

Sellers & Buyers database management

With GOIS Pro, you can maintain a detailed database of all your regular sellers, vendors and buyers. The database entered by the user can be accessed on the go using your Smartphone or tablet also. Also, you can view these details offline when you are not in your work premises. And if you need to send fresh orders, this application can send your order details to the suppliers through email with a single click.

# 5


GOIS Pro offers up to 500MB of cloud storage to the user making itself the best online inventory controlling system. The data stored in the cloud can be accessed, managed or deleted from any part of this sphere. All you need is a compatible device and network support. This means that you can even view or edit the inventory using your Smartphone.


GOIS Pro offers tons of innovative features and tools which makes your inventory management more flexible and comfortable to use. The biggest advantage of GOIS Pro is that it can work on various platforms and devices, enabling you to control your inventory data system on the go.

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