Kitchenware eCommerce Inventory Management

Kitchenware eCommerce Inventory Management

How an eCommerce Site Dealing in Kitchenware Can Benefit from GOIS Pro

eCommerce sites need a robust inventory management system as the business is almost entirely conducted virtually. All transactions are conducted on the internet, with customers and vendors alike. GOIS Pro has been designed for to fulfil the needs of the multi-channel sales strategy adopted by eCommerce websites.

Kitchenware eCommerce Inventory Management

Kitchenware does not witness regular demand for all products. None of the kitchen items face expiry dates, though demand for specific items may rise in certain times of the year. These ecommerce websites carry thousands of unique product SKUs with different prices and offers running on them. Managing the different product categories requires high level of monitoring as the products are sourced from the vendor and sent to the customer, in some cases the product is sent directly from the vendor to the customer.

For kitchenware eCommerce retailers need an inventory management setup that functions virtually. Many ecommerce companies do not have a regular office setup, having an inventory management application that operates in the SaaS model so that they do not have to maintain an in-house server or an IT team for managing the hardware.

GOIS Pro Advantage for Kitchenware eCommerce

GOIS Pro is a SaaS model based web and mobile application for inventory management. The application provides complete solutions for SMEs and ecommerce business. Its advantage lies in the scalability and versatility of functions which helps business to maintain administrative costs while managing multiple functions on a single platform. The application is very comprehensive and can be easily adopted by the multiple and scattered employees of the business.

GOIS Pro is useful to kitchenware ecommerce business for its following features –

  • Multiple users can be added with different levels of authorizations to record inventory data from their smartphones, tablets or computers. Changes made will be recorded along with details of who made the change and can be viewed in real time by all users who log into the GOIS Pro account.
  • The inventory data is stored on a secure server and can be accessed using cloud computing.
  • All updates can be viewed live, including inventory levels at different storage points.
  • Vendor data can be stored in the app and fresh orders can be emailed directly from the application itself when an order is placed, or if the inventory level is low.
  • Create, manage and track sales and purchase orders and add notes against sales and purchase
  • You can define free products, add discounts, manage currency and weight units etc.
  • Advanced filter and sorting with extensive search function
  • Stock can be easily transferred to different locations, and the movements can be tracked in real time and recorded directly into the central database
  • Detailed customers information can be stored long with shipment and billing details to send out fresh offers.

There are numerous other features that can be looked out for that will help leverage business productivity. With inventory management process streamlined, the business can concentrate exclusively in promoting new products and customer service.

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