Top 5 Inventory Management Apps

In recent times, businesses require inventory management software to be more efficient and profitable. There are numerous inventory management apps available which are either free or open source and can help small scale businesses to scale effectively. One of the most crucial tasks in any business is administering and tracking the inventory. Without a proper inventory management system to put into place, businesses can fail. Hence, companies must know where the inventory comes from, how much you have, where it goes and how much profit is made through sales. 

Therefore, management of inventory should be tied up directly to the business flow. There are plenty of apps that can help businesses to manage their inventory. Top five apps that can help you track and control your inventory so that your business can be more effectively and easily managed.  

  • Goods Order Inventory System Pro (GOIS Pro) : It is a highly sophisticated web and mobile application intended to address the challenges of inventory management needs of businesses. The GOIS Pro App is available on Android Smartphones/tablets, Apple iPhone/iPad and is used to serve the purpose of inventory management on the go. Using this, users can control their inventory records with internet enabled devices from any part of the sphere. 
  • Openbravo : It is one of the leading open source ERP tools available for inventory management. This app keeps your product flowing and ties to every aspect of your ERP solution. It also helps to track where the inventory moves between warehouse and clients along with managing your vendors. 
  • PartKeeper : It is a niche tool to track and manage inventory of electronics. It doesn’t include comprehensive ERP and is small in size. However, it is best suited for businesses of electronic parts. One of the most crucial reasons to install this app is it is easy to install and make use of the database.
  • InFlow : This is a different option as compared to other apps in a list. Although it is not a web based tool, it can handle more than 10,000 pieces of inventory. Other features of InFlow include barcode scanner support, multiple locations, multiple units of measurement and taking orders from customers etc.
  • ABC Inventory : It is one of the most prominent inventory management apps for small and mid size businesses. It’s a stand-alone solution that’s meant to take one PC and turn into inventory station. 

These apps are helpful for small and mid size businesses that can’t afford expensive inventory management software. Proper management of inventory doesn’t only help to scale businesses, but also make sure less mistakes and loss in inventory.  Besides these, there are various inventory management software designed exclusively for Mac platforms. These inventory applications can help small and mid size businesses deploy inexpensive inventory management software.

Some of the features of inventory management software for Mac platforms are:

  • Managing stock levels by location, category and vendor
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Monitoring stocks with creating reports
  • Just in time inventory management controls
  • Transferring stocks between different locations

These features help businesses to monitor their inventory and track all the happenings in real time. With increasing customer’s needs, it has become important for companies to update their inventory to avoid any risky situations. On the other hand, inventory management helps businesses avoid cash flow situations as well.

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