Using GOIS Pro For Spare Parts Inventory Management

Spare parts inventory maintenance is critical for smooth operation of the manufacturing unit. In order to achieve seamless inventory management, it is essential to integrate spare parts classification, demand forecasting and stock control policies.  Excess inventory leads to high holding costs and blocking of large amounts of funds on the one hand, while on the other stock outs will impact production and service greatly.

GOIS Pro applies multi-criteria inventory model for managing spare parts inventory. Users can rank and classify spare parts in groups according to similar attributes and forecast demand model. 

Inventory Management for Spare Parts

Efficient inventory management is essential for manufacturing companies as well as service sector companies. Spare parts are also stored to facilitate execution of maintenance functions in case of equipment breakdown. However, overstocking spare parts often leads to wastage due to the inventory becoming outdated, escalating storage costs.

An objective view of the problem shows that while some spare parts are required frequently, others are demanded very infrequently. Hence, the following points must be minded when managing spare parts inventory –

  • A part must be stored if its current availability is more beneficial than the cost of holding the inventory.
  • Ascertain the optimal order quantity by applying the economic order quantity formula
  • Ascertain annual demand, ordering costs and holding costs to know how much stock has to be maintained
  • Ascertain re-order point through lead time between supplier to buyer, demand calculated based on historical data and known/ planned needs of the spare parts

 Using GOIS Pro

GOIS Pro is an inventory management application that is compatible as a web as well as mobile app. It is available on all the leading mobile as well as computer platforms. Data entered via GOIS Pro is stored in a secure cloud server so that it can be accessed universally on authorized devices which may be a smartphone, personal computer, laptop or tablet. This facilitates real-time view of inventory position and speeds the decision making process.

Further, the advanced filter and sorting option allows one to view every spare part singly to know its inventory status. Shipment of fresh products can be managed for picking inventory from warehouses, factory units or vendors. Vendor management is also easy on GOIS Pro, since all Vendor details can be stored on a single database with notes and contact details.

Spare parts inventory management is a mandatory function to ensure smooth operations round-the-clock as factory operations will come to a standstill if even a single spare part runs out-of-stock. Overstocking is imprudent in cases where products are abundantly available since it would tie up funds, occupy space in the warehouse, plus the part will have to be insured which will be an additional burden.

GOIS Pro, which operates as a SaaS application provides complete solution for all spare parts management requirements of business. 

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