IT Asset Management: Leverage GOIS Pro to Gain Utmost Accuracy

In the current era of technology excellence, it has become more than a necessity for every business organization to adopt more and more technology innovations on a daily basis. Technology has not only helped businesses to simplify and automate their day-to-day workflow, but also in expanding their market reach and boosting revenue growth. As a result, there is a significant addition to the IT infrastructure and users across every business organization.

The Need of IT Asset Management

It is important for any business organization that its IT infrastructure is well optimized and works without any lag or compromises. The IT devices together with the complete IT infrastructure play a major role in the optimal functioning of the business organization. This is why, tracking and managing IT assets is critical for business success and data security as well.

Businesses need to give priority to IT asset inventory management, if they really want to achieve their business goals with leveraging technology innovations. For all their IT asset inventory management needs, there are various cloud-based asset management, asset tracking or inventory management software solutions available in the market. These business solutions not only resolve all potential issues effectively and rapidly, but they also enable businesses to track IT devices across the data centers, networks and locations.

Goods Order Inventory System Pro – The Perfect Solution

Goods Order Inventory System Pro or GOIS Pro is the perfect example of innovation in the market of IT asset inventory management solutions. GOIS Pro is an ‘all-in-one’ inventory management and asset tracking solution that simplifies the day-to-day inventory tracking and management works with an ease. This advanced inventory management software offers a wide-range of features, which makes it the perfect solution for all your needs. Let’s have a close look at the benefits of using GOIS Pro.


Automated Inventory Control

Goods Order Inventory System Pro is an advanced IT asset tracking solution that ensures efficient and accurate asset tracking while eliminating the entire headache associated with inventory management. It is a cloud-based and user-friendly asset control business solution that automates the complete asset inventory management process.

Asset Lifecycle Management

With GOIS Pro, you can keep a close eye on the complete lifecycle of an IT device. From the date of requisition, purchase to assignment and retirement, GOIS Pro can keep all the important data without any trouble.

Equipment Tracking

GOIS Pro allows you to identify and track any change in the IT assets details form change in location to increase/decrease in stock quantity. You can easily track the existing status of any IT device in just a few seconds.

Multiple Categories

You can divide all hardware and software components into multiple categories for an ease in tracking the record details of each and every asset. GOIS Pro allows you to save asset inventory records in different categories for a hassle free asset tracking.

Quick Reports

With GOIS Pro, you can generate custom reports within a few seconds for relevant and quick action on asset inventory needs.

Multiple Platform Compatibility (Tracking On-the-go)

GOIS Pro can be accessed using PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets as well. For PCs and laptops, all you need is a web-browser and internet connection. Others can download the free GOIS Pro App through Google Play Store or iTunes for tracking IT assets on-the-go.

Secured Database

Goods Order Inventory System Pro stores all its data on a centralized cloud-server to ensure complete security against all potential threats. This also allows the GOIS Pro user to access his/her GOIS Pro account from anywhere and at anytime through a compatible device. To ensure complete security, the user needs to enter the valid credentials every time to reach the dashboard section and make relevant actions.

Real-time Synchronization

While working online, all your data additions and modifications to the GOIS Pro records is synced with the central cloud server in the real-time. This allows all the users logged-in to the same GOIS Pro account from different locations to access the updated database without any delay.

There are various other smart features of Goods Order Inventory System Pro, which makes it one of the best IT asset inventory management solutions. To know more about GOIS Pro and its advanced features, contact us today!

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