Improve Oil and Gas Inventory Management for better Explorations

The basic task of Oil and gas exploration companies is the exploration of crude oil. They mostly work in remote areas, such as desserts, seas, high mountains, and forests. They are required to work throughout the year, and to maintain a long list of equipment needed for the exploration. In addition, they also have to manage a temporary settlement for keeping a large number of workers in such distant areas.  Thus, they do carry a variety of complex inventory. Therefore, for the best utilization of resources in such remote area, an effective inventory management is utmost essential.

Here, oil and gas exploration companies come across many problems while managing the inventory through system, such as limited users’ accessibility, outdated inventory detail, and unavailability of internet. GOIS Pro – an online inventory management solution, offers dozens of handy features, which can help these organizations to solve the inventory management problems.

Here are a few of many instances where GOIS Pro can be extremely helpful for oil and gas exploration companies:

  • Their workers need to know the complete and updated inventory details, without which they are unable take with them the required equipment and other items for exploration. GOIS Pro offers the real-time data synchronization feature, which updates the inventory details in real-time.
  • Their workers also need to know the details of the inventory most of the times, but they often don’t have systems to do it for them. Here, they can be benefited by GOIS Pro app on smartphones and tablets to get the required details.
  • They usually don’t get internet connectivity while working in remote areas. As a result, they are unable to make important changes in the inventory, like deducting used stock. GOIS Pro app can help them appropriately in this situation, as it is accessible online as well as offline on smartphone and tablet.
  • These organizations work across the countries and they usually have multiple branches for that. While transferring equipment from one branch to another, they are also required to transfer the details. GOIS Pro offers stock transfer feature which can help them to transfer the details in few minutes.
  • Usually their workers have to explore in distant areas with expensive equipment, and it becomes tough for the owners to maintain the availability, and to keep a track on equipment, which have been assigned to different workers.
    GOIS Pro allows owners to maintain all the equipment list and may assign it to different workers by keeping a log of its allotment and return. GOIS Pro also gives them a flexibility to transfer the equipment across multiple locations through the system itself. For every assignment and returns, owners can keep a note as per their business needs to make future tracking against those equipment more meaningful.

GOIS Pro has been successfully handling the inventory related issues of numerous oil and gas exploration companies across the world. Here is a cheerful feedback from one of the top USA based companies.

GOIS Pro allows us to be able to perform quick check-ins and check-out with our inventory” by Oxy.

GOIS Pro is a recommended inventory management solution for oil and gas companies, because they need a cloud-based solution, which can work in remote areas, along with being reliable and accessible by multiple users. GOIS Pro has effectively encapsulated all of these qualities.

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