Does your business demands better Order Management

It is difficult to find enough time for keeping track of your competition or for your strategic planning when you are busy focusing on moving your business forward, hiring and managing people and supporting your customers. Were you encountering similar issue? Usually you would put off your important decisions if they require you to invest your precious efforts, time and money. When you are dedicating all your attention towards business operation you might find the need for better order management

While growing up your enterprise, you might be comfortable using either a manual, home-grown order processing and fulfilment solution or an accounting package. But once your business gets pace, it may outgrow the in-place systems that might hinder your operations. When your business starts showing problems, then it is time for you to get a better order management system

  • Errors in data entry, shipping, purchasing, invoicing and accounting

Minor mistakes by typing addresses or credit card numbers, to over- or under-ordering stock, from picking or packing the wrong merchandise, to ship to the wrong customer can cost a lot more than money. With the company’s growth its complexity also increases so does the probability of committing errors.

  • Rising payroll costs

For handling increasing sales, the only solution you stumble upon is hiring of more workforce. But hiring more staff or making them to pay overtime could cost you a lot.

  • Can’t keep up with demand

For order processing and good customer service experiences, what you need most is time. Processing orders and to respond to a customer enquiry according to their orders utilizes a lot of your time. Sometimes employees have to spend more time chasing down information about fulfilled orders than handling new ones. These increasing discrepancies end up tying all your available resources keeping you from performing all the other important duties.

  • Trouble managing inventory

Problems like unavailable stocks or lacking knowledge of its unavailability can cost you your revenue. On the other hand purchasing too much of inventories ties up funds while you end up losing money on these unsold inventories.

  • Fear from scaling

Are you scared of growing your business any further? When suddenly the product’s demand increases, then sometimes even your order processing system fails. While you need to consider your order management system, you have to compromise with your business’ success.

While struggling with all these issues it gets difficult for your workforce to concentrate on important business operations. GOIS Pro is all integrated order management system that manages your sales and purchase orders and helps with invoices while managing your inventory. GOIS Pro is an automated system that helps you in resolving all the issues with order management efficiently. So don’t put off the important decision to save you of your efforts, time and manpower.

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