How to Connect GOIS with QuickBooks Online?

GOIS & QuickBooks Online Integration- A Game Changer for Your Business

GOIS & QuickBooks Online Integration- A Game Changer for Your Business
GOIS integration with QuickBooks Online forms a comprehensive business solution for business owners to eliminate the hassle of manual data entry. Automatic syncing of recent stock and order information from GOIS to QuickBooks Online provides your business a perpetual inventory, order and accounting control system from a cloud using web and native mobile apps (Android, iOS).

How to establish a quick connection between GOIS to QuickBooks Online System?

Step 1: Visit Goods Order Inventory website: and Click on Sign In option.

GOIS & QuickBooks Online Integration

Step 2: Make sure to enter a valid GOIS Login ID and Password else Sign up for the GOIS account.

Step 3: Once logged-in successfully on the GOIS web application, navigate through ‘System’ menu and go to QuickBooks > QuickBooks Online > Settings


Step 4: Click on (+) icon to expand an Organization to be connected with QuickBooks Online System.

Step 5: Select desired entities like products, inventory stock, sales orders, purchase orders, customers and vendors that you like to get synchronized from GOIS to QuickBooks Online Account.
User can also provide optional information like Default QuickBooks Customer, Default QuickBooks Vendor and QuickBooks Tax Code Name.

Note: Make sure to set correct QuickBooks Inventory Income Account, Inventory Asset Account and Inventory Expense Account that you want to sync with GOIS.

Step 6: Once you are ready, click on Connect Button.

Step 7: Now you will be navigated to QuickBooks Online Authorization screen where user need to provide a valid QuickBooks Online credentials to sign in.


Step 8: Authorize the connection and here you go. Now all the selected entities will get synced automatically from GOIS to QuickBooks Online account at a certain frequency.
GOIS to QuickBooks

GOIS to QuickBooks


Step 9: User can also check the GOIS sync logs to validate the records which has been successfully synced from GOIS to QuickBooks Online Account.
Navigation Path: System > QuickBooks > QuickBooks Online > Sync Logs

Records - GOIS to QuickBooks

Step 10:
Records that are successfully synced from GOIS to QuickBooks can be validated into your QuickBooks Online account as well.

For more information on QuickBooks Online and Desktop Integration, simply reach us at or dial toll free: +1 (888) 745 3321 #1

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