How to Utilize QuickBooks for Wholesale Distribution?

Wholesale distribution refers to when a merchant sells products to other businesses who then distribute through different channels to the end-user.

Distribution is a tricky task in itself.  While handling both B2B and B2C operations, it can be challenging. In the distribution process, the challenges are unique, such as for this you may have a unique catalog per retailer you sell to, a business may handle some orders over phone and email, and sometimes you may unsure about your own inventory.

The capital cost was usually too high and the supply chain complications made it impossible for small teams to manage manually. Wholesalers have specific inventory and order management requirements that need to be properly accounted for.

QuickBooks Online accounting software is easy to set up, simple to use, and comes with powerful and intuitive integrations to simplify even the most complex wholesale needs. With QuickBooks Online you can;

Manage Stock Availability and Sync with QuickBooks

With the QuickBooks-GOIS integration, you get access and visibility into inventory levels and you can check the availability of stock in real-time. Manage orders and stock in various stages of fulfillment and gain a real and full picture of available, incoming, and outgoing inventory.  With this, you can automate inventory control and save your team hours in receiving, picking & packing, and performing general stock management.

Automated Purchase Orders

By automating purchase orders, it becomes easy to take back-to-back orders, which is a critical task to any Wholesale and Distribution business. With GOIS you can configure automated purchasing orders for your unfulfilled orders so that your suppliers can know your actual demand without you ever check your orders.

Purchase Orders and their receipts instantly sync with QuickBooks Online which means that the inventory in both GOIS, as well as QuickBooks, will go up instantly. You can also track the payment that is due by you to your suppliers using QuickBooks as Accounts Payable which is also updated automatically.

Synchronizes Invoicing and Payment Automation

GOIS integrates with multiple eCommerce platforms. The use of QuickBooks for wholesale distribution permits you to keep your accounting in order, track your payments and credit over time, generate and send invoices on time, and track receipts and payments.

You can then approve invoices and payments and have that information pushed automatically back to GOIS and then reflected on your sales channels. You can even approve invoices and payments on the go with GOIS Mobile! Regulating your cash flow has never been this easy.

QuickBooks Online integrates to automate accounting processes, so that wholesaler merchants can focus on selling their products, deepening their relationships with their customer network, and finding new avenues to grow.

Saves your Time and Money

Together, GOIS and QuickBooks can help paint a very perfect picture of your business organization and its financial health as well.

GOIS’s reporting feature allows you to study each individual sales channel, B2B. It helps you to identify and examine sales patterns, pinpoint underperforming channels, understand payment cycles, etc. This not only saves your’s precious time and money but also allows you to focus on growing your business!

Goods Order Inventory System (GOIS) provides a very easy way to handle all your B2B sales with minimum paperwork. The best thing is that it automatically synchronizes all your sales on QuickBooks Online.

Why not try it out for yourself? We, Offer a 14 Day Free Trial, so you can see just how much Goods Order Inventory can help your business. For more information and a tailored demonstration, please contact us or at

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