Restaurants Can Automate Their Ordering System with GOIS Pro!

Earlier, restaurants were relying on their staff for each and every concern of kitchen inventory, like ordering, counting, delivering and other processes. But, now the labour cost has increased, and it has become a necessity to have an efficient inventory management system.

Further, it is susceptible to have errors, while maintaining any record about purchase or sales order. Just imagine, if you are using an application that helps you in generating your purchase and sales order efficiently, and invoices sent to the appropriate vendor or customer automatically. This paves way to a less concern of error, as it is an application and also saves your time to perform other activity. But the restaurants are unable to recognise the efficiency that is achieved through better applications; they instead go for manual work and waste a lot of money to perform their daily tasks.

Most have concern about educating the application to their staff, or unable to trust about the efficiency of application. But, now-a-days everybody is smart enough to understand the applications working, as everybody is using smart-devices; so to be unaware about the application or how to educate the staff as have uneducated ones’, was a matter of concern for early times, and not that for today. And as the application is online, so anyone with authorized access can have the details of supplies or about the person managing all. This creates the 24X7 availability and access to information, as application doesn’t take any sick or vacation leave. So it may help you to have improved customer experience.

Here comes, GOIS (Goods Order Inventory System) Pro, a combination of Order management as well as an Inventory management. It is a SAAS-based system, where managing Purchase and Sales order becomes easier. Its’ efficiency can be checked as follows- after creating a purchase order into the system, the same can be sent within the mail to the required vendor or other recipient directly through this application. This makes every individual to be aware about the requested supply or food inventory. And being a multi-user environment providing application, it helps each authorized user to access all the available information about stocks and to take right business-decisions.

GOIS Pro has many more admirable features for managing efficient inventory, to know in details, please contact us.

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