What is the Need of Inventory Management Solution for Café Firms?

Café is one of the busiest places in urban areas as families and friends like to hang out there at every weekend. This place offers soft drinks, veg and non-veg foods from different cuisines, alcoholic drinks, etc. in the menu, and it also provides things like latest music and dance floor to fresh up the environment. Apart from being a weekend hangout place, it also held events and parties for marriages, birthday, college fests, etc.

Cafés are definitely one of the pleasant places in big and small cities for the rich people. But they don’t become like that easily, as there are many people from cooking, hospitality, management and other departments, who constantly work really hard, to offer the best and variety of foods and beverages, and excellent customer service. The other important works that these people do, which are not visible, is managing of different type of stocks, orders, customers, records and vendors on a regular basis. They usually take the help of computing technologies for these work. Here, another reliable and up-to-date solution for them is GOIS (Goods Order Inventory System) Pro.

A solution for café industry inventory and order issues

GOIS Pro is one of the sophisticated and evolved inventory (and order) management solutions available today. With accessibility on cross-platform operating systems and multiple devices, it is one of the ease-to-use and portable solutions. It offers a huge number of quality-driven functionalities for doing different types of work, some of these are:

Stock management

  • Low stock & reordering
  • Quick stock tracking
  • Stock adjustment
  • Stock transfer and import

Orders management

  • Create quick sales
  • Track order status
  • Setting order priority
  • Partial order fulfillment
  • Email orders and invoice reports

Other highlighted functionalities

  • Vendor information management
  • Purchase notes
  • Profit and loss reports based on different parameters
  • Sales Report

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These types of functionalities from an inventory management system definitely help different café firms in their work. Moreover, café firms can also use GOIS Pro from anywhere via its mobile app. Further, multiple workers can use it, as it supports multi-user accessibility with real-time data synchronization. This means whatever changes a person makes in the inventory will be visible to the other workers in real-time. GOIS Pro also enables transparency, via its interactive and informative dashboard for the owners of the café firms, which allows them to track the inventory activities.

You can learn more about GOIS Pro by reading a review from Finances Online.

Furthermore, money is not a big issue to buy a license of GOIS Pro, as it is available in flexible plans. This makes GOIS Pro recommendable for small, medium and large size café firms.

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