A Dynamic, Affordable and Easy-to-Use Inventory Management Solution for Wholesalers

Wholesalers sell numerous goods in bulk to the customers (resellers). They start their business by buying stocks from the vendors, then storing them in the warehouses, doing packaging and maintenance work (if required), and finally selling them to their customers. In the whole process, it becomes important for them to effectively manage stocks and vendors’ detail, purchase orders and sales orders records, and other useful information. So that, they can be tracked during reconciliation.

If they use an outdated solution or manually manage their warehouses, then they have to spend a significant amount of time and money to match every single record. Whereas, a reliable and advanced solution makes the inventory management process a lot easier and profitable.

GOIS Pro – an advanced inventory management solution comes with features like, app for smartphones and tablets accessibility, inventory management via barcode scanning, and cloud-based solution with no maintenance required, which can be an ideal for wholesalers requirement. Let us see how.

How GOIS Pro can simplify inventory management for wholesalers?

  • They have to manage a huge number of stocks belonging to different categories, like foods, appliances and electronics, and they are also required to transfer these stocks from one warehouse to another.
    GOIS Pro’s Lot Number, Stock Adjustment and Stock Transfer features assist them in these circumstances, as Lot Number feature allows users to manage a collection of stocks in an organized way, Stock Adjustment feature helps to make important adjustment in the stocks, which is required in various scenarios, like sales return, items get misplaced and damaged, and Stock Transfer feature allows users to transfer stocks quantities from one location to another.
  • As said earlier, wholesalers buy and sell stocks regularly and maintain all the records. The process involves many hectic tasks, which consumes a reasonable amount of time.
    GOIS Pro offers barcode scanning feature on its app, which can help them to perform these hectic tasks just by scanning stocks barcode through smartphones and tablets camera. They can carry these devices with them for managing inventory, and at the same time, they can deal with the vendors and customers. Thus, they can make the difficult inventory management process easier and save a few hours of time daily.

Wholesalers can make their inventory management process profitable with GOIS Pro:

  • Nowadays, wholesalers use a number of software solutions, which are available in the market for inventory management, these solutions require complex and heavy installation, and demands continuous paid maintenance work. Apart from these, they also causes a few other problems, like data backup and recovery, upgradation, etc.
    GOIS Pro tackles all of these problems because it is an online solution. Plus, it updates on a regular basis, offers training along with user manual and 24×7 technical support with every license, and plans are available in flexible prices.

For wholesalers business, inventory management solution is a backbone. Spending valuable time and hard earn money on an intelligent cloud-based system will help them to grow their business, GOIS Pro is one of the solutions, which make the inventory management process much easier and profitable.

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