GOIS (Goods Order Inventory System), an Inventory Management Solution for Retail and Wholesale businesses!!

Every business which has its capital invested in inventory must employ the best inventory management strategies to improve profitability. But how does one can do that for Retail and Wholesale businesses to avoid the operational hurdles present in everyday routine?

As we know Retail and Wholesale business forms a major part of Supply Chain. Both the businesses act as an intermediary of the marketing channel. In Wholesale goods are being purchased from the producers in big lots and then the bulk is split into comparatively smaller lots. Finally, they are repacked and resold to the other parties. All these tasks need attention and effort about the overall goods management whether in-stock or out-of-stock, while selling to retailers or other businesses who purchase the goods for the purpose of resale.

The customers of a wholesale business are spread in various cities, towns or even in different states. Most goods are sold on credit to the customers of wholesale business. Maintaining records of the customer details manually may lead to have errors, also record maintaining about the goods sold or bought becomes difficult while considering the attainable profit margins.

Similarly for Retailers, that act as a middleman between wholesalers and customers, have to deal with the similar operational hurdles. And, here they realize to have a solution that can help to avoid manual errors in maintaining records and even accessing these across the globe, and consequently increase an efficiency in routine business processes.

With the advent of technology, having a cloud based inventory management solution in place of manual workforce, allows businesses to have more correct decision making abilities along with the improved efficiency.

GOIS, a SaaS, well suited for coordinating orders from suppliers across the globe for different users, each with their specific permissions. Moreover, you can do that based on the real-time data synchronization for the real-time visibility of stocks, which is a huge advantage in organizing your work. Its barcode system technology to input and receive inventory further makes it more efficient to work. This leads to manage the flow of products and services in and out of an organization efficiently. It is available across web, android and iOS platforms to work with.

The GOIS  helps to maintain accurate records of what you have under inventory, so you can determine about the needs of products and evaluate which products are most popular. Furthermore, tracking the status of order helps to track the arrival and shipment of products and provides a complete inventory control.

This solution has been designed to manage its inventory for all kind of wholesale and retail businesses like, healthcare, cosmetics, various warehouses, construction, clothing, store-houses, automotive, etc.

In nutshell, GOIS simplifies the process of your inventory management, saves operational time, and reduces business cost, while smoothening the overall business processes.

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