Mismanagement of Assets may lead your business to crumble

Even if you are well equipped to handle your current assets, their number may vary with your organisation’s needs. They are much like weeds, one minute you think all your assets are under control, another minute you can see two more appear.

From chairs you sit on, computer you work on, to important and confidential data and every bit of property you own are all considered as assets. In a sense, your organisation is made of assets. So the statement that mismanagement of assets may lead your organization to break holds up.

If you aim for managing your assets right, then it wouldn’t be restricted to list your belongings. You also need to keep track of your asset’s performance by assisting your finance team with next year’s budget, and all the other issues that could otherwise end up obstructing progress.

The mismanagement of assets may result in

  • Missing Asset Information

Mere disorganisation of asset information could result your organisation blown out of disorder. But this can be avoided by centrally managing your asset information in a central database. Organisation of asset database into different categories can make management of your asset information easier.

  • Productivity Loss & Errors

Assets are frequently moved in and out or are sent away for maintenance or due to lapse warranty. It makes it necessary to keep their track. This is usually done by manually updating database and may cause errors or forgetting some assets and result in unexpectedly big loss.

You can overcome this by using software to automate the process of entering new additions and then uploading them into your central database.

  • Misallocation of Resources

When an asset comes in it needs to be assigned priority so that it can be provided resources accordingly. If not and resources get misallocated then, it may cause confusion and end up losing work. This can be effectively solved by using ticket management software.

  • Asset Failure & Depreciation

You need to keep track of life of your assets too as unlike wine they don’t usually age well. So you must always be updated with their availability status and their current health status too since there might be a high probability of them to get deteriorated by time or failure. You can always get follow ups on your assets with a good asset management tool.

  • Unforeseen Vulnerabilities

Your assets are dependent on other assets and hold responsibility for many workers. So, even single problematic asset in the chain can lead to a much bigger issue. Effective asset management can track all the linked assets and users associated with the assets. It can also let you predict possible issues and access to the list of assets owned by your employees.

To avoid these kinds of management issues you need inventory management software to keep track of your assets, information of vendor and its location too. Goods Order Inventory System (GOIS) Pro is an asset management system that keeps track of all these issues and also helps you to pinpoint their source.

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