Supercharge sales performance with all-integrated Goods Order Inventory System

Are you still wasting your valuable efforts, time and resources on under-optimized systems and processes? Then it is time to power up your sales organization with integrated sales processes like quote management, sales forecasting, order management, fulfilment, and sales reports.

Unlike other software, GOIS is innovative inventory management software, which gives more visibility into every aspect of customer relationship to your sales team, with support cases and back-office information like contracts and inventory. Its real-time interactive dashboard provides better insight to sell, drive renewals, and customer satisfaction to your sales reps and managers.

It has number of benefits to offer

  • Enable effective collaboration and team sales to streamline the sales cycle, thus boosts sales productivity.
  • Makes sales more predictable, gaining real-time visibility into pipeline and forecasts.
  • Provides complete view of customers, from sales, support cases to financial transactions and improves your relationship with customers.
  • Grants you proficient accounts management by giving you holistic view of all accounts, their contacts with related activities in a single view and by generating sales and all transaction reports.

GOIS Pro segments inventory by profitability and integrates demand planning and inventory planning and is able to speak every group’s language. It has many features those can support your business operations and helps you with business growth.

Sales Forecasting

Keeps record of all your transactions and sales, helping you with sales predictions.

Quick sales

Lets you order from any device or platform, anywhere and in any form, making the sales process quicker.

Void Sales

Enable you to discard closed sale so that inventory will by default roll-back and helps you to maintain stock levels correctly.

Order Management

Help you generate customized sales order that helps you to build better relationship with your clients and customers.

Discounts management

According to your business needs, allows you to add possible discounts, taxes and porting costs with sales order at item and order level.

Well, it is definitely time to improve your system for betterment of your employee, customer and your business as well. GOIS Pro also provides 24X7 customer support, to assist you when encountered with any type of problems through call, email or live chat.

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