How Inventory Management Software is important for Wholesalers?

Running a wholesale business, means you are dealing with buying and selling stock on a regular basis. Therefore, the primary aspect for any wholesale business owner boils down to Inventory Management. If you are a wholesale merchant, knowing ‘what is inventory management‘ is essential. Since you are receiving products from suppliers and then selling it to your customers, I’m sure you realize the importance of managing inventory. There are many ways to manage inventory, however, the most common… Read More

A Dynamic, Affordable and Easy-to-Use Inventory Management Solution for Wholesalers

Wholesalers sell numerous goods in bulk to the customers (resellers). They start their business by buying stocks from the vendors, then storing them in the warehouses, doing packaging and maintenance work (if required), and finally selling them to their customers. In the whole process, it becomes important for them to effectively manage stocks and vendors’ detail, purchase orders and sales orders records, and other useful information. So that, they can be tracked during reconciliation. If they… Read More

GOIS (Goods Order Inventory System), an Inventory Management Solution for Retail and Wholesale businesses!!

Every business which has its capital invested in inventory must employ the best inventory management strategies to improve profitability. But how does one can do that for Retail and Wholesale businesses to avoid the operational hurdles present in everyday routine? As we know Retail and Wholesale business forms a major part of Supply Chain. Both the businesses act as an intermediary of the marketing channel. In Wholesale goods are being purchased from the producers in… Read More

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