Encountering Problems in managing Trading business? Need effective Inventory management system?

No matter what type of products you trade, inventory management is always a critical part of any supply chain management system. In trading industry, because of ever fluctuating nature of demand situations, the products are usually kept in the warehouses. A trading company needs to deal with different kind of inventories. The companies function by buying special range of products, maintaining a stock and then delivering products to the customers. These companies may vary from importers or wholesalers to the customers or shops.

Despite that the inventories are needed, their increase lead to storage and maintenance costs, costs of freezing present assets in these inventories and losses in quantity or quality of inventories. These inventories must be managed properly within the supply system of the trade company. The issues with the inventory management should be dealt effectively.

A company’s supply system comprises:

  1. Ordering goods from supplier
  2. Purchasing the goods
  3. Managing the stocks
  4. Delivering the products to customers

GOIS Pro is an integrated software that assists you with complete supply chain management. It is a multi-platform and globally accessible system that gives you flexibility to track and manage your business orders and inventory on the go.

GOIS Pro helps you generate your purchase order and send the order emails to multiple email addresses simultaneously, so that the concerned persons could be made aware of requested products and corresponding supply. This way, it helps in enhancing your business workflow.

Furthermore, GOIS Pro provides the user with an easy three tap process on your device to perform stock check-in/out, add purchase, add sales, make stock adjustments and transfer operations faster. You can also set a low stock limit for an individual product, so that you never run out of stock and can maintain your relationship with your customers. It provides you with other reports and analytic feature, so that you can track inventory history, profit or loss, sales, and stock adjustment.

The proper storage and shipping of products are of absolute importance for some companies. Inventory losses may cost the company a fortune. Most of these losses usually occur due to misplaced or improperly stored and shipped product. GOIS Pro allows you to track the status of an order during its lifecycle until its delivery to the customer. It organizes the stock in a form of lots that makes future tracking much easier.

GOIS Pro provides clarity and efficiency to the complex supply chain system and effectively helps you with your inventory management. Whether it is a growth oriented small business or a larger company seeking expansion of its business, GOIS Pro is a key to manage your inventories efficiently.

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