How does GOIS help you enhance Trading Business ROI?

In a trading business, purchases and sales are almost continuous business activities. To keep your accounting system updated with the demand and supply status is not only essential but also a tedious task. You have to remain vigilant about the market trend and keep the stocks full to meet the market. This is particularly significant for volatile markets. No matter what the commodities you base for your trading business, they are always dependent on the prevailing socio-political, cultural and other macroeconomic factors. If not taken in account properly, they may mislead you to make bad business decisions at times. For instance, if you are not sure how much stock you have for a particular product A, and you suddenly get a bulk sales order of the same, which is to be fulfilled urgently. You may suffer a loss of reputation in the market for not being able to supply promptly.

GOIS Pro, here, comes to a great rescue to handle such undesirable situations.

What does GOIS Pro do? It automates the process of managing inventory which was previously done manually, either with pen & paper or using an ordinary accounting tools. Using these manual methods are not only slower but also error prone. But GOIS Pro can make the process much simpler. With a user friendly Dashboard, it enables the users to have a comprehensive view of the entire activity of his business enterprise- e.g. sales, purchases, warehouse management etc.

In a nutshell, GOIS Pro encapsulates a number of features, which help you keep updated with everything that you need to have a close control of your entire business. Let’s have a quick look:

Quick Barcode Scanning

This helps you to add or manage the stock records very conveniently. You don’t have to record the product details manually. Just by scanning the barcode mentioned at the product can let you store the activities related to it into the system. For instance, when was the product purchased and from whom? What is its current location, such as warehouse or truck? When it was sold and to whom? As GOIS Pro is a cloud based inventory management system, this helps the stock tracking a child’s play for its users.

Here, the best aspect is that you can use this feature using the rear camera of your smartphone, and you need to buy any separate Bluetooth enabled scanning device. Certainly, this way, you save your money.

Efficient Order management

Typical tasks in Trading can ordinarily be understood as managing sales and purchase orders. And, here, GOIS Pro is of great help. Essentially, it is not just an inventory management system, but also an order management system.

You can create sales and purchase orders from within the system, even while working on the Dashboard itself. Using quick tools added to GOIS Pro, you can easily create new sales/purchase orders just in a few seconds.

Multiple Products, Business Units & Locations

Trading can be of single product or a collection of numerous products with heterogeneous features. Moreover, depending upon the market you cater, you may have organized your enterprise in terms of business units, locations, warehouses, GOIS Pro is designed to organize all these conveniently.

Many other features, like low stock alerts which allows you to set low stock limit, customer and vendor information management to keep you details of your customers and vendors help you like a personal assistant. All these help you in minimizing the wastage of resources by eliminating error prone manual processes, and enabling the users perform the tasks in a more organized manner. Yes, thus, it, in turn, increases ROI of your business.

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