Tips to Eliminate Inventory Management Challenges for Trading Business

People associated with any type of trading business know how tough and challenging it is to handle the stocks and inventory, especially if you are dealing in more than one product. Since trading is a crucial point between the manufacturing and marketing, one has to be very careful and updated in order to have a successful run. One can’t simply ignore or compromise with the inventory management and stock tracking needs in a trading business.

This is why an advanced inventory management software solution is the most precious asset for any trading business. With so many options available around, one can easily get confused with which software solution should be implemented and which shouldn’t. Whether going with a cloud-based solution is good, or a simple system based inventory management program will do all.

It is always advised to go with that advanced inventory/stock management solution, which easily eliminates all your inventory management challenges.

Goods Order Inventory System Pro (GOIS Pro)

Goods Order Inventory System Pro or GOIS Pro is a cloud-based inventory management and stock tracking software solution, which is nothing less than an innovation for trading businesses. Added with various advanced features and quick control tools, GOIS Pro has all what it needs to handle all your complex inventory management challenges.

Multiple Products, Business Units & Locations

GOIS Pro has been developed with a concept of innovation in the area of inventory management. This business solution can store inventory/stock records for multiple products and items in diverse categories, all together in one single system. Not only this, but you can also create multiple organizations under one account, and under one organization, you can create multiple business units with details of their specific warehouse locations and stock yards.

Barcode Scanning

Barcode scanning is a crucial part of adding or managing the stock records for a trading business. Generally, trading businesses have to invest separately for barcode reading software and the scanning device. With GOIS Pro, you don’t have to invest separately on any such software. GOIS Pro has a definite section to add barcodes, and for the scanning process, you can simply use your smartphone’s rear camera.

Product Image & Business Catalog

Goods Order Inventory System Pro allows the user to add multiple images or pictures to the inventory records for easy identification. A user can easily recognize a specific product and can perform desired operations without any confusion. It also creates a business catalog which can be used during sales pitch.

Create Purchase & Sales Orders

With Goods Order Inventory System Pro, one can create sales and purchase orders from within the system. You don’t have to exit the GOIS Pro dashboard for the same. This advanced software has been added with various quick tools to simplify your day-to-day inventory management processes. You can create new sales/purchase orders within a few seconds using quick tools added to GOIS Pro.

Low Stock Situations

GOIS Pro has an advanced feature which notifies you when the stock reaches a preset low stock limit. This feature saves your trading business from stock-out situations. A user can preset the low stock limit and can easily track the products or items which have reached the low-stock limit in the inventory. After which, the user can reach the vendor or supplier for fresh stock.

Managing Shipment

Goods Order Inventory System Pro allows the trading business owners to manage their order shipment type as pickup and delivery whenever required. This feature allows the user to save quality time and resources spent on handling shipment.

Customer Information Management

For any trading business, it is more than a necessity to keep an updated record of its customers. This includes their business name, type, contact numbers, business addresses, and more. GOIS Pro allows its user to store and maintain all their customer information within the system without any pain. This feature allows the users to access customer information from anywhere and build solid customer relations effectively.

Inventory Management On-the-go

Goods Order Inventory System Pro is also a smart inventory management application, which can be accessed using an Apple iPhone or any Android Smartphone. The users can download the Free GOIS Pro App from Apple iTunes or Google Play Store, and can add, edit, manage or track their businesses’ inventory records on-the-go.

These were some of the areas, where GOIS Pro can help your trading business in eliminating the day-to-day inventory management challenges. To know more about GOIS Pro and its advanced features, contact us today!

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