Effective Ways to Simplify Inventory Management for Florist Businesses

It is a well-known fact that running and managing a florist business can be a daunting task. A professional florist needs to have in-depth knowledge about the flowers and the industry if he/she really wants to taste success for a long-term. The right combination of planning and management can take your florist business on the next level of success and profitability.

Since flowers belong to a category of products which have very short shelf-life, a florist business owner needs to regular and strong enough with his/her inventory management works.

Goods Order Inventory System Pro – an advanced cloud-based inventory management solution lists some of the top inventory management tips for a florist business.

# 1
Product Categories

Let’s take an example of rose, which has a number of varieties, colors and types. Similarly, there is a wide range of flowers available in the market. For a simplified and confusion-free inventory, create multiple product categories for the flowers. In this way, you can easily maintain inventory record for each and every flower type available in the stock.

# 2
Use Images

Flowers look beautiful. Yes, they do! Add the image of flowers with the inventory records for easy recognition. Use your smartphone’s rear camera to capture and then add the image of flowers with its inventory records. This will also help you create a business brochure which can be used to grab big orders for parties and other occasions.

# 3
Leverage Barcodes

For a bouquet of flowers, single pieces or other collections, it is always advisable to assign a unique ID number, also known as SKU for easy stock management. You can use GOIS Pro for its advanced barcode scanning support. You don’t have to invest on any additional software or barcode scanning device. With GOIS Pro, you can use your smartphone’s rear camera for the barcode scanning process.

# 4
Know Customer Preference

When it comes to flowers, every buyer may have a different preference. Some may like red roses, and some more love white ones. This is why you need to keep a record of your customer with their buying preference as well. Goods Order Inventory System Pro support customer information management, which empowers you to record all customer information without any pain.

# 5
Perform Daily Audits

It is advisable to do a daily audit of all the order received and delivered, with matching them with the current stock. It is essential to check the status of each order and not delay them even a single day, since every flower order has a feeling associated. GOIS Pro features unique inventory control tools, which allows you to have a quick look onto daily sales, orders and current stock with an ease.

Goods Order Inventory System Pro for Florist Business

Goods Order Inventory System Pro or GOIS Pro is an innovation, which aims towards simplifying inventory/stock management practices followed by small and medium business enterprises, organizations and retail stores. GOIS Pro has various features, which make it a perfect inventory management solution for a florist business.

This is an advanced web and mobile based inventory tracking tool, which is compatible with all leading software and hardware platforms, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Users can download free GOIS Pro App from Google Play Store and Apple iTunes.

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