Whether Stock & Cost Tracking Possible for Food Distribution?

For Food Distribution Businesses, it is required to store products within the warehouses before shipping to the customers. Hence, Inventory management is important for the Food Businesses, as large amount of products need to be stored which may further decrease the efficiency of warehouses. And delivering products at required location needs high attention on the part of workers and managers. If the required amount of stock is not delivered at right time, at right place, then it creates panic situations, which further destroys the reputation of the distributors in the eyes of customers. In another case, when you manage your warehouse, you ensure it is filled with the required stock to avoid last-minute hurry for the availability.

All these requirement need an inventory management solution, which can also deal with these aspects like:

•  Ease in updating with the specific lot number of specific product for tracking.
•  Ease in updating at the real-time tracking of location for products delivery.
•  Ease in updating the availability of product, whether in-stock or out-of-stock.

Also, detailed analysis of in-stock or out-of-stock helps you in analyzing your cost needed for Purchase and Sales Orders. Further, this makes to realize the predictions for profit or loss in business, so that further decision-making gets improved to have better cash flow.

Here, stock & cost tracking is possible with GOIS Pro solution. It is a Goods Order Inventory System that manages your Purchase and Sales Orders as well as tracks your stock. GOIS Pro is a SAAS-based solution that helps you keep maintaining the accurate count of your inventory. If your order processing staff is unaware about the accurate inventory levels, then they do not know what they can sell, also, your buyers are unaware about what can be purchased, and in turn, your management is unaware about the amount of Inventory Investments they must actually have in future. This leads to shortage of stock and dissatisfied customers as they don’t get what they want.

To avoid these situations, GOIS Pro has a feature of Quick Scanning to ensure the availability of stocks, on the basis of which stock adjustment can be done, whether to add or deduct; transfer & ordering repeatedly within the application itself. And the best part is, you can define low stock availability on your own for each product. This is done by defining low stock limit as a threshold value. When the stock level creeps below the defined limit, you will get an alert notification to reorder the required product to maintain the stock to the optimum level.

For tracking of stock delivery location, a barcode scanning feature is made available within the app that eliminates the requirement of buying an additional barcode scanner. Through this barcode scanner, you can note down the lot number of a product to track its delivery at desired customer location. This helps to deliver the product to customer on time, and winning you a happy and satisfied customer. This saves your valuable time without navigating through each individual section of application and also avoids the situation of product getting theft or damaged in between the delivery process.

Knowing about the accuracy of count of product, you get the idea of further product related investment requirements and thus, achieving a better decision-making ability to have a successful Distribution business.

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