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Boost up your business with GOIS Pro – free inventory App

Running a business set up in fruitful manner is not an easy task for everyone. It takes lots of effort and plannings to run a business in a profitable way. If you are running a business, it is essential for you to do all the essential tasks for a healthy and profitable business growth. A business set up, no matter it’s a manufacturing industry or a retail store, needs real time monitoring for its proper run.

Goods Order Inventory System Pro is the most advanced free inventory application, which boasts many useful features including Real time Tracking. This useful feature helps its user to access real time inventories round the clock on a compatible device. The user can easily view, edit and share the inventory records from any part of the sphere, whenever s/he wants to do so. GOIS Pro serves as a user friendly platform where its users can easily view, edit or record inventories, monitor sales growth, save seller’s/vendor’s contact database and can perform many more uncomplicated tasks.

The key features of GOIS Pro which can contribute in your business growth are:

Real Time Tracking–
This free inventory system features real time tracking tool, which enables its user to keep an eye on the current inventory recordings of his/her business practices. The user can easily view stock reports, sales reports, in-transit orders and more whenever s/he wants.

Mobile Accessibility-
The biggest advantage with GOIS pro is that it can be accessed on the go as well. The user can access this inventory app on his laptop and even on an Apple iPhone/iPad and Android Smartphone/tablets.

Multiplatform support-
This inventory application can run on various platforms, including Linux, Macintosh, Windows, iOS and Google’s Android.

Multiuser Support-
You can add up to 25 users together on the single dashboard of this inventory system. It serves as a platform where a business owner, manager, control staff or other employees can together access the inventory data.

Database Management-
Goods Order Inventory System Pro is also a complete database management system. It features many advanced tools which assists its user to record important database in an assured manner.

Cloud Storage-
GOIS Pro serves up to 500MBs of cloud storage capacity to its users. You can record your important database on the Cloud in a secured manner. Also, the recordings on the Cloud can be accessed from any part of the sphere on a compatible device.

Bar Code Scanning-
Goods Order Inventory System Pro is an advanced free online bar code scanning inventory application, which features bar code scanning directly from the Smartphones or tablet’s camera. You can maintain the individual identity of your stock by assigning a unique bar code to them.

GOIS Pro features many other useful tools which make your inventory recordings an easy task to perform. With GOIS Pro, you can handle your inventories in an uncomplicated manner.

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