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inventory app for auto parts wholesalers

Benefits of GOIS Pro inventory app for auto parts wholesalers

Managing and controlling an automotive spare part wholesaler business is not an easy task to perform. One needs to invest lots of capital and mind at the same time to control the workflow of the business. An auto parts wholesaler business needs to deal with many products. The owner needs to maintain all the transaction records including billing prices, date of purchase and more with each and every supplier. Following which, the business setup produces an immense volume of data every year which should be supervised and maintained carefully.

GOIS Pro is an advanced inventory system software, which boasts many innovative tools to simplify your data inventory recordings. GOIS Pro is being used by many leading enterprises and other business setup around the globe. If you are running an auto part wholesale business, it is highly recommended to use GOIS Pro as your inventory management system software. The advanced GOIS Pro inventory application can be accessed from various devices and platforms including your Apple iPhone or any other Android Smartphone.

The Key features of GOIS Pro inventory system beneficial for an auto parts wholesale business are:

  • Advanced Sorting & Filtering

GOIS Pro boasts advanced sorting and filtering tool which lets its user to access detailed information about any particular supplier or its product at once. The user can easily see the transaction details of any single product in the long list of other stocks.

  • Real Time Tracking

This feature helps in tracking the detailed information about current stock level, in-transit orders and to be delivered consignments. This minimizes the chances of over stock of any particular auto part in the Godown.  The user of GOIS Pro can also access this information even when S/he is not in the working premises.

  • Multiplaform Compatibility

GOIS Pro can be accessed on various platforms and devices including Macintosh, Windows PCs/laptops, Linux, Apple iPhone/iPads and Android Smartphones & tablets. This helps the user to control his inventory recordings on the go.

  • Bar Code Scanning

GOIS Pro is a complete barcode inventory application, which supports bar code scanning process from Smartphones and tablet’s camera too. The user doesn’t need to buy any additional device for bar code scanning. With this feature, an auto part wholesale business can maintain the unique identity of each and every consignment received from the suppliers.

  • Multi-user Support

An auto part wholesaler can add up to 25 users together on a single dashboard of GOIS Pro inventory application. This feature is beneficial for those business enterprises, who have their set up in more than one location. The owner, manager, proprietor and other control staff can together view and manage the inventory recordings in a very secured way.

  • Cloud Storage

GOIS Pro offers up to 500MBs of storage capacity on a secured Cloud.

These were a few features of GOIS Pro which are beneficial for your any type of small and medium business enterprises. To know more, Visit GOIS PRO now.

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