Save time on property inventory management without compromising on detail

Managing physical assets inventory is not an easy task that too when the company is dealing with hundreds and thousands of products or is using a number of tools and physical resources to deliver services. If you are a property manager, then you must be familiar with this situation. With the end of year, it gets busier for ones in property management line. They are required to determine year-end inventory, depreciation and losses for tax purposes while doing inventory budget forecasting for the coming year. This can get messy and quite complicated without stable property management system in place.

For surviving while achieving better heights in the business world you need to improve your speed and quality while reducing time and provide your clients the best possible service.  This requires

  • Flexibility and simplicity reducing admin costs and wasteful downtime
  • Global Availability from anywhere anytime
  • Quick Access to reports and status of all the jobs
  • Secure onsite or offsite backup
  • Central Inventory management
  • 24X7 Support

GOIS Pro provides you the most efficient way to gather, prepare, report and manage information. It helps you manage your daily bookings in cloud environment. With it you can manage check-ins, check-outs, generate online invoices and reports along with your stock level management. It fulfils all your above mentioned requirements and thus allows you to improve your output and overall performance. The features those help you with your asset inventory management, and management of your tools and other physical resources are:

  • Keeps track of your available stock, update you with real-time status of stocks, notifies you for timely order placement and prevent stock overloading
  • Simple and easy to use integrated inventory management solution with interactive dashboard
  • Scalable with your growing business
  • Cloud-based solution that provides you global access anytime and flexible and secure storage option with central management
  • Generates customized purchase and sales orders
  • Generates sales report, low stock report, transactions report, etc. to analyse your stock levels and inventory transactions
  • Records and manages inventory track history
  • Forecasts inventory utilization and possible budget based on the past inventory utilization analysis
  • Offline access mode
  • Extensive on line support, help desk and also in-house training.Inventory-Management-System

So, do not waste valuable efforts, time and resources on under-optimized systems and procedures and let GOIS Pro provide you assistance in inventory management without letting you compromise on details.
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