New Year, New Beginning: Switch over to GOIS from traditional inventory management practices

Welcome to New Year 2017!

Enjoying festive days…in fact, extended holidays…this winter!


Reminiscence of the year that has gone by- 2016 –

  • Tired of working long hours- Managing the stifling nature of your business inventory?
  • Did you make a New Year resolution- to give a great push to your business in 2017?
    If yes, did you try to contemplate the bottlenecks you actually faced?
  • Isn’t that a huge and puzzling list of products you manufacture or trade – actually bothering you most of your work hours?
  • And, weren’t you busy managing these with pen and paper, always at our hand?
  • And, then you thought of using excel sheets …with the hope to reduce the puzzle? But, failed to achieve your goals!


It means- you are not entirely enjoying your holidays!

Sit back and relax, enjoy your holidays and read this!

Step into 2017 with a New Beginning…

Quit the traditional ways, and get a cloud based inventory management system- GOIS Pro!

Still Wondering??

How can such a cloud software relieve you from the pains of managing inventory and order?

The answer is-

 GOIS Pro is a inventory management system, which has been designed to meet the inventory challenges faced by modern day business enterprises, and capitalize the benefits of cloud computing. Undoubtedly, with the proliferation of information technology in every nook and corner of the globe, the customers are far more informed than those in the previous times. And, that’s why, they are called as New Customers.

They are called as ‘New’, because they are characterized by something new. What’s this ‘new’?


They are no longer stationery. They are always on-the-go. They are accessing their work from their mobile devices even away from the office premises, and simultaneously place an order for your products and services. And, the same goes for you. You may often need to remain away from your office, and yet need to keep in touch with the business activities, especially related to inventory and ordering processes. GOIS Pro, being a cloud based inventory solution, can be accessed from any part of the globe through web-based application on your desktop or mobile devices, such as – tablets, and smartphones.


Thanks to the internet based technologies, you might be getting leads from places that are geographically far away from your work location. This could have been a great opportunity for you in scaling up your business to a higher level but has proved to be a roadblock instead. Not anymore! Here, GIOS Pro helps you in handling this in a great way. You can set up new warehouses, sales offices, locations at far places, yet remain connected 24×7.


Every customer expects a prompt response to their queries and orders. They can contact you any time. Here, if you are constantly in touch with your stock status, you can fulfill the orders quickly. GOIS Pro, with great tracking feature, does it for you.


This is just the beginning. There’s much more that GOIS Pro offers to make your business grow leaps and bounds. Just look at a quick summary here:

•  Improve user collaboration and business control over secured cloud platform

•  Create interactive product catalog with multiple control

•  Improve end-to-end inventory control to boost productivity

•  Reduce complexity in purchasing items & managing vendors

•  Optimize order processing and an empowered mobile sales force

•  Better data intelligence, reporting and tracking

 Want to know more on this…?

Why wait then?

Go ahead, contact our executive, or click here.

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