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Hotel business is all about hospitality. It is about the human bonding at so many different stages that give guests that warm, welcoming feeling. At some point of time providing all the guests with better services and that too maintaining economic balance and staff workload load gets humanly impossible. A little mismanagement may lead to spoil someone’s dream holiday, or a special day with family along with the name and reputation of the hotel. And sometimes these small management issues may result in visible loss to the business.

Here, we are proposing a solution to all your management related worries, so now you only have to worry about giving your best to provide the guests with the best services possible. GOIS (Goods Order Inventory System) Pro provides an automated cloud-based inventory management system to manage all your stocks, data, purchases, supplies and other inventories in real-time still maintaining your profit level.

GOIS helps you with Stock Management of your business. It allows you to monitor and manage every line item in your business regularly. This reduces the variances in the stocks and increases gross profit. Since hotel businesses are all about hospitality, not having certain stock items could lead to a down turn in customer satisfaction. Thus managing the stocks also ensures greater customer satisfaction. To start a relationship telling them that the business is not organized enough to provide the items they want means you are starting on the wrong foot. GOIS Pro will ensure these issues do not come up.

GOIS Pro will help you maintaining budget level for your business and control your labour costs. The system ensures you always have the items you need when you need them and know exactly how much you are spending on them also finding good deals with flexible payment terms. It also helps you keep track of all the wastages. In hotel businesses there are many instances of inventory wastage resulting in loss of potential revenues.

Front desk operations are face of any hotel business. GOIS Pro helps you manage the guests’ data along with staffs’ availability to provide services efficiently. It keeps track of staff so that they can be allotted with tasks orderly and can give their all to their potential. It also helps you with housekeeping and maintenance by providing you with status updates about damages, lost/stolen items, maintenance problems, etc.

Every facility has its unique set of circumstances that impact inventory management. If you’re having a hard time getting a handle on your inventory, you can rest assured with GOIS Pro.

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