Sports Manufacturing Firms can Reduce Inventory Management efforts to Increase the Productivity.

Sports product manufacturing firms buy a huge number of raw materials from different categories, such as wood, fabric, rubber and leather. With the help of latest machineries, their skilled labors transform the raw materials into products like, football, baseball bat, and tennis racket. They sell these products in bulk to the customers (wholesalers). Sports persons buy the products from wholesalers and used in big events, such as Olympic, Football World Cup, and domestic as well as international leagues.

Sports leagues like American baseball league, European football league, and F1 racing are held throughout the year with unnoticeable break. As a result, sports product manufacturing firms business never stops and they have to optimize the production without losing quality. Latest machineries and highly skilled labors certainly help the firms in optimizing the quality, and an advanced inventory management process, which GOIS Pro – an innovative and quality-driven inventory management solution offers, can assist in optimizing the production.

GOIS (Goods Order Inventory System) Pro helps businesses to manage the inventory from all available types of device and from any part of the world, through its web accessibility on popular web browsers, and online and offline accessibility through app on Android and iOS devices. It offers barcode scanning feature on its app, which helps in managing stocks and vendors detail, making purchase orders, sales orders, and invoices, by simply scanning products barcode. Moreover, it offers feature like stocks transfer to help businesses with multiple branches, to transfer stocks detail between the branches effectively. Let us see how GOIS Pro helps sports product manufacturing firms in optimizing the production.

How sports product manufacturing firms can optimize the production?

To make optimum quality products at minimum cost, these firms buy best raw materials in bulk. They usually buy wood, rubber and fabric from vendors, who are located in Canada, Thailand and China respectively, because these countries are the largest exporters of these raw materials. But before buying the materials, the firms send purchase orders, and wait for vendors’ reply, which takes many days and sometimes weeks. With GOIS Pro, they can effortlessly send purchase orders to the vendors via email within the system itself.

These firms usually have contracts with the customers, in which the firms have to deliver a certain amount of stocks before deadline. But sometimes, due to several reasons, they can’t manufacture the required number of stocks and further, fail to fulfill the contracts before deadline. One of the reasons is that the firms can’t adjust damaged, misplaced, and lost stocks against any return which causes problems during the manufacturing processes and mismatches the warehouse quantities. As said earlier, GOIS Pro makes inventory management process fast and easy via its barcode scanning feature. This feature can also help the firms in adjusting the stocks smoothly.

Also in addition to necessary stock adjustments, firms need to re-add those stocks into the system manually against the returned orders, and before the stocks become outdated or useless, the firms need to sell the stocks to the local shops by making multiple sales orders quickly. GOIS Pro’s “Sales Return” feature, can help the firms to re-add the returned stocks automatically into the warehouse in few clicks and its quick sale feature on mobile app can help the firms to make multiple sales orders in few clicks as well.

Sports product manufacturing firms can maintain their inventory records, avail 24×7 technical support from exports for resolving issues, and do more, with a single license of GOIS Pro.


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